Alex and African Fox

After a very productive training session with African Fox, Alex, his owner sent us this:

I bought African Fox on a budget from a young girl about a year ago.  After a month of having him he cleverly bucked me off over a small jump.  It came as a surprise and because I haven’t ridden much over the last few years, it knocked my confidence.  Almost a year went by and we have come a long way but Foxy still had explosive episodes which made me feel unsafe.  Each time there seemed to be a different trigger and his behavior was never the same.  My instructor recommended asking Tamsin for help.

Tamsin came out and spent a couple of hours with us.  Tamsin was able to find the trigger for his explosive behaviour very quickly. He quickly realized it was easier to respond to her aids than have an episode.  Almost at once, his whole demeanor changed.

Tamsin has a very calm energy but is firm.  She responds quickly to how the horse behaves and does not back down.  Since we have had this session I have reinforced what I learnt from Tamsin, and Foxy has been a pleasure to ride.

Thank you!!


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