Be your biggest cheerleader

We often live smaller than we want to live because we care too much about what other people think of us. It’s never been easy for me to put myself out there and share things with the world. It will always be a test of my courage.

I think for a lot of us we let the fear of others’ judgement hold us back from so many things – spreading our wings and following our truest callings.

I had to ask myself: why would I value someone else’s opinion of my worth more than the opinion I have of my worth? Surely I know myself better than ANYBODY? I spend the most time with me after all. The vast majority of people who you don’t spend significant time with – what do they really know of you?

We should be our own biggest cheerleaders, silence the negative inner voices and offer only constructive criticisms. We all have strengths and weaknesses, we all make mistakes big and small, and we all have wins, big and small. So let’s try to focus on doing what feels good to us, without the fear of judgement – from others, but especially from ourselves. We must stop beating ourselves up – mistakes are human, we all make them, and we all have to learn from them in this thing called life.

If you have you in your corner, you can never really lose, even when the way seems dark and the path uncertain.

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