Invest in YOU!


I think something really worth remembering is that your biggest investment is YOU! Your biggest chance at happiness is YOU!

You take you wherever you go! So if you ain’t happy, chances are you won’t be happy in a new job, a new city or with a new partner – maybe for a little while, but not long term.

I know it sounds pretty cliche, but it’s true. There’s no other way around it. I especially know, because I used to think I would find happiness outside of myself.

It takes a little bit of daily focus and you have to make a conscious choice to be happy…and follow your heart – it doesn’t just happen on its own..but it’s so worth it!

And when it comes to investing in yourself, the upside is that no one can take that away! So even if you were cheated on, you got screwed over in a business deal, or bad things happened – you have you in your own corner, and you will get back to you, and likely a better and more resilient version of you.

Think about how many people who make millions and then lose it all- very often they make it back and then some more! They know how they did it and they can do it again, they learnt a skill that can’t be taken away. So even though they lost everything they picked themselves up, believed they could do it and did it!

Feed the beast and starve the doubt

These people have doubts and fears and they are as real as yours and mine, so I like to remember this phrase “Feed the beast and starve the doubt”. It’s not a once-off action either – do it every day and multiple times a day! Starve the doubt every time you notice it and feed the beast of passion inside you.

Feeling good is what it’s all about, when you are feeling good – good things cant help but be attracted to you!

…so buy the boots!

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